The corporate mission of NRPR Group is to be an agency that aligns with our clients’ business goals. From startups to influencers and Fortune 500 companies within consumer tech, fintech, enterprise, mobile, and health tech industries, NRPR serves game changers and disruptors around the world who are passionate about their respective missions.

Are you considering hiring a PR firm? Here are some things to consider:

What is Tech PR?
How To Choose a Tech PR firm
Best Practices for Technology Public Relations

To understand what Tech PR is, you first must understand Public Relations.

    • “Public relations is a strategic communication process that builds mutually beneficial relationships between organizations and their publics,” as stated by the Public Relations Society of America (PRSA). We at NRPR agree. However, the way we see it, public relations is REALLY about building relationships with influential people who can aid in communicating clear and relevant messages to key audiences to support an organization or thought leader in meeting their business objectives. 
    • Public relations is about building relationships. NRPR builds relationships with journalists, bloggers, analysts, and influencers who can communicate with users, investors and other key audiences.
    • Public relations uses influencers. Influencers or authorities in a given field share your brand and product stories via traditional and social media channels, and can have a significant impact on the decisions of their followers for the benefit of your brand.
    • Public relations showcases the value you bring to your industry, customers, consumers, and potential partners. 

Tech PR is a special type of PR, that requires a greater skill set than doing PR for other industries such as hospitality or simple consumer goods. Why? Because technology is a very wide industry where each subset comes with its own unique vocabulary and means of communication. How can we help?

    • NRPR translates your tech into topics that resonate with media and influencers. Frankly, most people are less interested about the actual technology and are more interested in how the technology can solve a specific problem or enhance their lives. NRPR turns your tech into a translatable, easy to understand story that explains to potential customers how your product will solve their problem.
    • NRPR understands technology. We partner with clients to develop press and influencer-specific messaging and examples that will tell your story in ways that meet the needs of target media and their audiences. 
    • NRPR understands what is and isn’t news in the eyes of editorial decision-makers. A company’s CEO may have one idea of what constitutes news about their company; news editors aren’t always going to see eye-to-eye with them. It’s the PR professional’s job to be able to find the topic that will satisfy both parties.

How To Choose a Tech PR firm

In order to achieve success with your PR plan, you need to choose an agency that understands both technology and public relations. 

    •  Is your market in the agency’s wheelhouse or can they easily enter this market? Tech Pr agencies can be hungry for clients and be willing to take on a client without being honest about their expertise in tech PR, nor relationships with media who cover the client’s niche in the tech space. Agency teams need to know individual reporters and journalists’ niches and specific areas of coverage and which topics fall within their purview. Be sure you’re asking for examples of who they’ve placed stories with and ensure those are people you also want to target. 
    • Is the agency team willing to take the time to learn about your company? Some agencies want to jump right into drafting and pitching a press release without taking the time to learn all they can about your company, executives, products, and how your products help users in order to craft clear messaging for their clients. If they can’t tell your story clearly, they can’t pitch your story clearly. Ensure your agency knows how to develop messaging and can demonstrate they understand your company before you work with them. 
    • Does the agency understand the news cycle? PR pros must know when the right time is to reach out. They also understand the news cycle, which dictates how and when to pitch a story to editors and producers who learn which PR sources can be trusted to bring them an interesting, useful story. If they can’t advise on strategic timing, you should not work with them. 
    • Who will be serving your account? At some agencies, the majority of work is done by account coordinators and not by the CEO or the vice president of the company. Agencies with this strategy are not taking advantage of senior talent and instead are giving clients junior support, making clients feel like they are not being supported and not receiving the proper strategic advice. Do not work with an agency if you are not getting C-level or VP-level support on strategic initiatives. 

Unlike other firms that take shortcuts or have a lackadaisical or entitled attitude toward doing PR, every person on the NRPR team has heart, passion, skill, and is accountable, responsible, and responsive. A business relationship is like dating; there must be chemistry and a rapport between the parties in order for a successful arrangement. NRPR works hard to build relationships with clients and media to create a win/win situation, which is why our clients love us.

Best Practices for Technology Public Relations

NRPR has a playbook and best practices that govern our actions based on core values of hard work, respect for others, and integrity.  These best practices cover knowing what media want to cover, media training, and leveraging coverage. 

    • NRPR experts find the story that discusses what their audience needs to know and that media want to cover. We have relationships with key media in multiple niches within the tech industry and can help you to grow your connections to put your brand in front of the right audiences.
    • NRPR will offer you media training to prepare you to speak with media. Media training includes learning how to respond to the types of questions a reporter is likely to ask, and having information available about the reporter, the publication, its viewpoint, and audience. 
    • NRPR garners press coverage for tech clients and then leverages that visibility. The more visibility your press coverage has the more potential it has for positive impact. A news section on your company’s website keeps these stories active and coverage can also be shared on social media.  
    • NRPR prides itself on having a powerful global network while maintaining a vital national focus, and a team of passionate professionals whose integrity, creativity and talent benefit clients of all sizes and stages. The NRPR team shares client stories with appropriate key audiences and educates clients on what a public relations agency can and cannot do and how it works. 

With clear planning and cohesive messaging, NRPR strategically leads technology clients, helping them to hit business goals. NRPR is the agency you need to meet your tech business goals.

Next Steps

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