If you live in Los Angeles, you probably spend most of your life in your car. And while you’re commuting, you’ll likely encounter terrible drivers and long delays. It’s one of those inescapable realities of this beautiful, bustling city. That being said, we know of a great way to get your mind off of the commute at hand while simultaneously improving a skill, brushing up on the latest in your industry, learning something new and/or enhancing a mindset. While meditation is a practice frequently suggested for adjusting your mood in traffic, here are a few of our favorite podcasts to listen to while on the go that won’t allow you to accidentally nod off at the wheel.

1. Grammar Girl: As a PRofessional, it is important to have strong writing skills, especially when it comes to basic grammar. Having graduated college on the Dean’s List after acing all my English and PR Writing classes, I thought my writing skills were on point… until I started my professional career. Grammar Girl is a podcast and website that NRPR Group’s CEO & Founder, Nicole Rodrigues, strongly recommends her team listens to and references often. The podcast’s advice is accessible and easily digestible, so you can ace all your pitches, intelligently communicate with the media and graduate to the NRPR A-Team.

2. Recode Decode: This podcast is hosted by one of technology’s most prominent journalists, Kara Swisher, and features hard-hitting interviews about the week in tech with influential business leaders and outspoken personalities from media, politics and more. In PR, if there’s an outlet you want to get a client featured in, you need to tune in and/or read it. Recode is the crème de la crème when it comes to technology news, and your tech clients will ask why they’re not in it. Be a frequent listener to become familiar with what they feature and what topics they cover, write meaningful pitches with relevant interest/guests, and earn the best chance at impressing your boss and your client by winning them a secured feature in Recode’s next podcast.

3. NPR Hourly News Summary: This podcast by NPR is a great way to catch up on the latest headlines when you only have five minutes to spare. Fun fact: Whenever I attend networking events and the nametag says “NRPR,” people always ask if I work for “NPR.” Not the same. Equally awesome.

4. How Stuff Works: Stuff You Should Know: Always a fun listen. Stuff You Should Know teaches you random facts about things you really should know, but maybe don’t, such as: the possibility of mermaids existing in reality, The History of Soda, and facts about the Zika virus. All of these subjects are random topics to listen in to when your curiosity gets the best of you, but can prove to be great (and unexpected) small talk, should a conversation lag.

5. Women Worldwide: This is a great podcast hosted by a dear friend to NRPR Group, Deirdre Breakenridge. She interviews women across the globe to share their stories, their successes and the ways they overcame their struggles. I first learned about her podcast as a PR Student, back when she hosted Twitter Chats for students called #PRStudChat.

These are just a few of the best podcasts I’ve found to stay informed and up-to-date on all things PR and client-related, while I’m stuck in the hour-long morning commute across LA. Life hack: you can also listen to them at any other pause in your life, too. During your lunch break, while walking your dog, while standing in line at Starbucks for your fifth espresso of the day – the world is your oyster. Just choose, click and listen in. Enjoy!

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