Here at NRPR Group, we’re #BYOC (Bring Your Own Computer… yes, we made that up). It’s not an uncommon practice nowadays—especially amongst newer companies—with many asking employees to bring their laptops to the office.

Personally, I love it. I’m comfortable and familiar with the way my PC works, and I can customize everything the way I like it. All of my bookmarks are organized and in one place, my log-ins are saved, and I always have access in case I need to work on something from home.

It works especially well for Team NRPR as we’ve also adopted “Work From Home Fridays.” That’s right! Every Friday we log on from home, or a coffee shop, or anywhere with Wi-Fi… something that wouldn’t be possible if we were all tied to a desktop in the office.

Being so easily connected to the internet, email, Google searches, and social media is something we’re all very grateful for. Anyone in the PR industry knows this is not a 9-to-5 career, and it’s nice to know that as long as I have my laptop with me, I’m capable of closing coverage and getting work done.

With that said, however, we here at NRPR Group are extremely big on knowing when to step away from our computers. Having constant access is—of course—a great thing, but we try to stay aware and take advantage of opportunities to unplug when we can.

We specifically have a “no computer rule” for meetings. Any time we have a team meeting, we close our laptops and bust out the good old pen and paper for notes. Yes, it might be faster to type our notes in a Word document, but faster isn’t always better, and having a screen open can sometimes serve as a distraction. Our best practice is: If quick notes are absolutely needed, one dedicated note taker will be responsible for typing and sending notes to the team, and the rest of us will power down. Not only does this eliminate any potential distractions, but it’s really helped to increase our synergy and build us up as a team.

Not having access to the internet forces us to be aware of what’s going on company-wide, as we don’t have immediate access to calendars, deadlines, to-do lists, and emails. If you’re called on to recount something, you have to have that information stored in your brain rather than on your computer. Also, physically writing something down requires more attention than a quick keystroke, so you tend to remember things better when you take notes by hand.

Technology is, without a doubt, an amazing thing that would be hard to live without. However, more and more technology isn’t always the answer. For us, we try to find the best balance for our team, which won’t be the same for everyone out there. The important part is knowing what works best for you, and implementing that within your company. It can be easy to get caught up in the World Wide Web, so at the very least, remember to unplug every now and then to avoid burning yourself out. We think you might be surprised at the difference it makes in your day-to-day life!

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