If you’re a public relations or social media professional, like me, you’re constantly choosing between options to create the perfect photo filters for social images. However, with new photo editing apps coming out everyday, you have so many options to create flawless social media images. This is especially helpful for those who assume a social media role or job. Because sharing is caring, and we at NRPR Group love to help others, here are the top five photo editing apps we swear by:

  1. VSCO Cam– This app can turn a photo a simple cup of coffee into what looks like an exquisite cappuccino from Italy. It provides users with a versatile package of filters and the ability to tune the image’s saturation, temperature, apply film grain, shadows, and highlights. With all these features, it also has the social aspect where you can add friends and upload your images. It brings together the simplicity of Instagram and photography in an artistic way. VSCO Cam is available for free on Android and iOS.
  2. A Beautiful Mess- For only 99 cents this app allows you to personalize your photos by adding filters, fun borders, doodles, and hand-drawn words to your image. With an abundance of selection you can add some sass to your images and share them directly to all social media sites. This app is available on iOS.
  3. Aviary- Like many other apps, Aviary allows you to use filters and tune the features of the image, however, the app lets you enhance your photo based on whether it is scenery, food, a portrait, or a night photo. Also, this app give you the ability to edit blemishes and whiten you teeth, which is always a plus! Aviary is available for free on iOS and Android.
  4. PicStitch- This app allows you to make a collage of all of your photos, with plenty out layouts to choose from (32 to be exact). This is great app to use if you are posting from an event. It is available for free on iOS.
  5. Afterlight- This app, like many of the above, provides users the ability to add sophistication to their photos. It has basic editing tools such as saturation and contrast, as well as highlights, shadows, and mid-tone controls. Users can also add textures and light leaks, and frames to their photos. Afterlight is available for 99 cents on iOS and Android.

When creating photos for your social media accounts, such as, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest and Facebook, it is important to make sure your photos are visually appealing. Content is king! Great images will lead to more likes and follows, and, overall, more attractive social media accounts.

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