At NRPR Group, we work hard so we can play hard, too. If our past quarter is any indication of how hard we’ve been working, then boy — is it time for a party!

Today, Team NRPR officially announced its biggest quarter of growth in company history. We could not be more excited about how much we’ve continued to achieve following our two year anniversary. As a team, we set very high goals for ourselves and this agency, and getting to charge into the end of the year with such great momentum is a true testament to our passion, persistence and work ethic.

We’ve recently added seven new clients to our family of brands, which you can read more about below:

1. MobiTV: MobiTV is the company currently making it possible for you to cut the cord and still get your favorite cable shows through devices a bit more modern than that clunky, costly set-top box. In other words, MobiTV allows you to have your cable the same way you have your Netflix — through 21st century devices like Roku, Apple TV and/or smart TVs.

Do you like to watch TV on your phone? You can thank MobiTV — they were the ones who made that possible. Want to know another fun fact? Our very own Founder & CEO, Nicole Rodrigues, worked in-house doing MobiTV’s PR when they made that big announcement. That’s right, she broke that industry-disruptive news and is here 10 years later continuing to tell their stories through NRPR Group.

2. The Luxury Network Los Angeles: Doesn’t that just make you want to say, “Ooh La La?” The Luxury Network is a global, luxury marketing group, with offices in Monaco, Dubai, Sydney, Miami, Qatar and many more! NRPR Group was selected to represent the brand new Los Angeles headquarters, which represent brands such as Aston Martin, Porsche Design, Montage Beverly Hills, Crystal Cruises and more.

3. XTremeVideo: XTremeVideo. Is. Awesome. The name alone fires us up, and we’re so excited to bring our first ever Multi Channel Network client on board. XTremeVideo helps independent creators around the world document and share the culture, locations and stories behind extreme activities. If base jumping, surfing, mountain biking, skateboarding or anything of the sort piques your interest, XTremeVideo is the place for you.

4. Bruce Cardenas: Bruce Cardenas is the Chief Communications Officer of one of our favorite brands, Quest Nutrition. Bruce Cardenas is also one of the coolest people you’ll ever meet, who lives and breathes his work at hand. Bruce is the true embodiment of what Quest Nutrition stands for, and we cannot wait to share his story, passion, fire and drive with all of you.

5. Glasshouse: Your home is one of the most valuable investments you’ll ever make. You take yourself to the doctors, you take your car to the mechanic, but what about your home? Of course, you can’t just load it on up and take it to Dr. House (shout out to all our Hugh Laurie fans out there), so that’s where Glasshouse comes in. They provide on-site preventative maintenance services for your home, or in other words, modern home care for modern homeowners.

6. Volt Connection: Volt Connection is a stylish and classy dating service specifically geared toward members ages 30-70. They’re on a mission to help single professionals find that spark in a more comfortable, no-pressure atmosphere

7. MyLücke: MyLücke is every Angeleno’s dream app. We all know how big of a pain finding parking in Los Angeles can be, and paying $20 for valet is no consolation. MyLücke is a private parking network that connects people who have vacant parking spaces (say, a driveway or a designated spot-in-a-lot) with people who need someplace to park. It’s the Airbnb of parking, and a great way for you to either make money off your empty spot all day, or save major cash if you need a place to park.

We have one final piece of exciting news we’re celebrating this quarter, but you’ll have to head on over to our official release to learn what!

It’s been a tremendous year so far, and we cannot articulate enough how lucky, excited and fired up we are about all of the amazing news we have to share and trophies we’ve earned. It only makes us want to work that much harder, to continue getting better with each and every day. Lastly, we’d like to send a massive thank you to our clients, both past and present, for trusting NRPR Group to tell your stories. We wouldn’t be here without all of you!

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