Every group, be it a family, sorority, business or agency, has its rituals, symbols, roles, rules and vocabulary, which make up its culture. These customs help to reinforce and perpetuate the culture. Most of the time, culture is invisible and may or may not be taught. It is most visible when someone violates the rules or conventions, such as asking questions at the wrong time or not shaking hands, etc. When it is a person who is new to the group, it is important to show them politely how things are done, which is why companies run orientations and training sessions in order to educate new members on the culture. One important aspect of company culture is the internal vocabulary used.

While it’s easy to make fun of corporate and marketing-speak and phrases such as “deep dive” and “synergy,” and do we remember Chandler Bing of Friends who had the WENUS report? The point is that an organization creates a vocabulary to reflect the work it does and what values are important. At NRPR Group, our agency lexicon reflects the diligence and enthusiasm, each team member brings to her/his assignment. In everything we do, the NRPR team demonstrates a passion that clients recognize and see in the results achieved. This is in opposition to a lackadaisical, almost entitled way of doing PR.

Here is some of our most-used lingo:

Closing The Loop: Closing an email conversation with confirmation that the addressed item has been taken care of. This also includes an acknowledgement that person understands the initial email content when no further action is required. These acknowledgements include “Noted,” “Love it,” “Rock it,” “This has been rocked,” and “Woot.”

No Lazy Pitches: Lazy PR professionals send bulk emails to hundreds of journalists, hoping to get interest in coverage. NRPR Group knows this is not the way to solicit coverage, and tailors and personalizes emails to each press contact. We have fun with constant reminders to each other that we are not and never sending “lazy pitches.” lol

#DreamTeam: The NRPR team is a collection of talented professionals who produce results for our clients. We work together to do amazing things. We consider our work environment a dream environment with amazing professionals who work hard for each other every day. We really are “living the dream.”

Fire Up: enthusiastic and ready to go. Fire Up can be heard mostly from our “FIRED UP” CEO. She uses this regularly as an attention-getter and note to be prepared for what is to come such as a subject line such as “Fire Up: Time to Start Pitching this News.” Also we use “Fired up,” as an acknowledgement to say, “yes, I’m ready to work on this project and deliver results.”

Heart: (acceptable to use emoticon ♥ or <3) Heart means, “I appreciate your efforts” or “thanks for doing a great job.” While a bit casual in style, it does generate a sense of gratitude and satisfaction in the recipient who is made to feel valued.

Montage Monday: Where NRPR team members gather over a beverage and snacks to discuss current initiatives and priorities. It started at the Beverly Hills Montage and now we take “Montage Monday” just about anywhere in Beverly Hills on Mondays, just to get fresh air, snacks and a drink to brainstorm. At NRPR we can have fun while accomplishing what clients and the agency need to move forward with goals. Montage Monday is a prime example.

Playbook, Playbook Play: Just as sports teams have their book of plays for successful offense and defense, so does NRPR Group. We have a book that serves as a helpful guide for best practices on everything from setting up a client folder to pitching press.

Power Hour: When one dedicates an hour of time to some specific task that needs to get done. You do not let distractions, unrelated calls, unnecessary breaks, or anything not directly related to the task take you from what needs to be accomplished.

Rock it: give it your all; do it enthusiastically

What words are specific to your organization? Please respond in the comments below.