We all love celebrations, especially ones that include our loved ones and our furry friends alike! As we gear up for May, we welcome one of my personal favorite celebrations, Annual Pet Month. It’s a month to not only post a cadence of pictures on your social channels, praising the many benefits that pets bring to our lives, but it’s also a time to pick up on some hot new trends in office life and at public relations agencies..

The most talked about trend that we should all be taking flight for is office pets. What better way to acknowledge Annual Pet Month than to focus our attention on the rising presence for office pets! It’s no secret that the fur-legged variety are becoming more and more common these days in the office. Pets are adding benefits to the overall culture and company environment. It’s completely organic and one of the best ways to create joy and collaboration among employees.

Several companies, particularly smaller ones, are following suit by allowing pets into the workplace seeing the opportunity as an added perk that is helping generate a perception of work/life friendliness, and an advantage for employees to help reduce stress and increase communication.

According to a survey done by the American Pet Products Manufacturing Association, 55 million Americans believe that having pets in the workplace leads to a more creative environment. Interestingly, 38 million also believe that having pets in the office prompts to a more productive work environment.

We’d agree, here at NRPR, as we have our very own Chief of Security, Nala. She’s more like a plus-one team member if you ask me! After all, who wouldn’t want to be greeted by a furry ball of happiness? We strongly believe in bringing our whole selves to work and that means fur children included.