With any career path you choose to follow, one thing is a given no matter what it is you do: you spend a LOT of time with your co-workers. Oftentimes you’re spending more of your day with your colleagues than your friends, roommates, family, or significant others, or maybe all of them combined… it’s true!

While the face time is great for collaborating, getting work done, and staying on the same page with your initiatives, there’s a much deeper level that must come when you spend this much time with a group of people. This is why today, we’re diving into the importance of company bonding, and sharing some tips for how you can make it a focus at your workplace!

1. It helps you get to know one another outside of just what you do at the office: Socializing and getting to know one another at work is a great way to form deeper bonds with your co-workers. We all have lives outside of our jobs, and more often than not you’ll find that you actually have a lot more in common with your co-workers than you think! When you’re able to “humanize” your colleagues and get to know each other better, it actually helps boost your ability to work as a team and get more done together.

2. No one’s got time for drama: Disagreements, disputes, and different points of view are just part of life, and that’s no different for your job or the people you work with (side note: no matter WHAT it is, ALWAYS remember to go about sharing your thoughts and opinions with respect and an open mind. Always!). However, it’s important to be able to openly share your ideas without fear of rejection or sparking drama, and having a strong bond with your team minimizes that risk tenfold. Knowing your co-workers on a deeper level will help remind you that we’re all just human, we all make mistakes, and we’re all here for one common goal. Seeing eye to eye on that level will prevent future drama and create a happier workplace for all.

3. You get to enjoy your victories as a TEAM: At NRPR Group, we are a team. No one succeeds on their own, and we all learn and get better together. With that said, you better believe that we are one encouraging, motivating bunch when it comes to cheering each other on, and it’s because we’ve all taken the time to get to know one another and strengthen our bonds outside of the office. A personal or team victory means that, in one way or another, we’re all taking one more step toward being the best PR pros we can be, and there’s nothing better than getting to celebrate that with your FRIENDS, who are also your co-workers.

4. It’s easy to implement! The BEST part about putting a focus on company bonding is that it couldn’t be easier to implement. Here at NRPR Group, we always take time to celebrate birthdays as a team, even if that means a quick cake + card session in our kitchen. We make the most of our holidays, having potlucks, costume contests, and more at our office. Every summer we have a “ditch day” where we call off work and spend the whole day as a team, at the golf course, grabbing some food, or whatever the day may hold! We follow that up with a fun day at Disney, where it’s NO work talk allowed and simply a day to be kids again. Now… maybe you can’t pick up and head off to the most magical place on earth, but you can definitely make time for a monthly happy hour, featuring one team member’s “get to know you” profile in a team meeting, or whatever resonates with your bunch!

Our awesome team here really knows how to get the job done, but we also genuinely enjoy each other’s company and often hang out outside of work, text on the weekends, and care about each other’s lives! This close bond comes from investment in each other’s personal and professional growth, which contributes back to an amazing company culture.

There are infinite reasons why company bonding is important, but we want to hear from you! How do you and your team members strengthen your bonds? What type of impact do you see it making on your work flow? Let us know in the comments below and stay up-to-date with the latest and greatest news from NRPR Group by signing up for our bi-monthly newsletter, HUSTLE WITH A CONSCIENCE!