The COVID-19 pandemic may have become prevalent in the United States in February and March, but people are still learning how to navigate this new normal. While it has been a few months since life as we know it came to a halt, it is still important to continue adapting to the times and providing resources for your employees. If COVID-19 has taught us anything, it’s that being there for our co-workers is just as important as if they were family. Afterall, they are a work family.

Plan a Weekly Zoom Call Outside Of Work
With everything closed and people sheltering in place, your employees may feel stuck, restless and frustrated with what is going on around them. This weekly Zoom call can be to watch a movie together, do a workout, cook dinner. Anything. It will bring your employees together outside of work and keep them busy for a couple of hours with something that will hopefully put a smile on their face.

Keep Checking In On Your Employees
You’d be surprised at how a simple “how are you doing?” text will impact someone’s day. Not only will it give your employees an option to talk about something if they need to be heard, but it also shows you care. Whether someone wants to talk about their worries or something going on in their work and personal life is up to them. However, having them know you are there when the time comes if they want to talk will make them feel supported.

Once the shelter in place is lifted, allow your employees to return to the workplace at their own pace
Even when the world starts reopening again, not everyone will feel comfortable going out and having life go back to how it was before. Giving your employees the option to return or continue to work from home will allow them to feel more at ease while working, which will in turn mean the work days are more productive.

Another option for when the shelter in place lifts is having your employees decide if they want to work five days a week in the office or split it up between the office and working from home. Not everyone will be able to jump back into the work routine as before, so giving them this option will allow them to do what makes them feel the safest. Work with them, so they know you are open to making it work.

Is your workplace considered essential? Make sure your employees feel safe and protected inside
Safety is always important, especially now. To ensure your employees feel safe while at work, provide them with sanitizer at their desk, space the office out, so people are at least six feet apart. If space is limited and doing this isn’t doable, wearing masks inside should be a requirement.

Additionally, if an employee is feeling under the weather, they shouldn’t come into the office. It is better to have the team find ways to pick up the extra work than risk a virus going around the workplace.

Helping your employees navigate the COVID-19 pandemic won’t happen overnight. It will take time, patience and understanding on both your part as an employer and their part as the employee. This is by no means an extensive list of how to navigate the crisis, as things are constantly changing. But this is a good place to start.

Samantha is a Marketing and PR Assistant at NRPR Group.