The Disney and Pixar team took 14 years to release The Incredibles 2 and it was well worth the wait. It was a success at the box office and held great messages on leadership lessons for everyone who watched it no matter their age. This incredible movie takes us on a journey with a family of superheroes during a time when the world doesn’t appreciate their extraordinary gifts and now more than ever, they must stick together by truly embracing each other to live a life of their truth. The superheroes were being perceived as destructive, according to the media, and now the spotlight is on Elastigirl to be the face of supers in her pursuit to shine a new positive light for superheroes. As you all may know, success takes time and patience, especially when being a leader. Mr. Incredible is now the parent who must stay home with the children as he faces new challenges in his role, he begins to understand the difficulties of being that strong front at home and while change is hard it does take a team to ultimately triumph in the end.

As we just passed Father’s Day, it’s a good time for some parental advice and to learn from a dedicated father, even a fictional, animated one. As a parent you want to spend quality time with your children to encourage, motivate, and challenge them to be the best versions of themselves. Also, every child is different in their own unique way and you cannot teach them in the same way, or you won’t be doing your best as their parent. You are a role model to your children, they will mimic everything you do, and you want to be able to create an environment they can trust, that enables them to do their best work. Always remember to not only tell your loved ones that you appreciate them, you’re proud of all their efforts, and grateful for having them in your lives, but to continuously show them through your actions how much you truly love them and love them unconditionally.

Success Takes Time
You must be willing to put in the hard work and time required when traveling on the road to success over an extended period of time to eventually bring you to true success. The foundation you build must be strong and unbreakable no matter the cost. The Incredibles couldn’t just sit back and watch the villain Underminer destroy their beloved city, they kept on fighting even if the people perceived the supers as no longer needed: this is their TRUTH! Although, leadership does have its ups and downs you cannot escape it and you will need to continuously move forward with your eyes on the end result. The experience felt can hurt and cause setbacks, which cannot be forgotten, either. The experience can also be used as fuel to always do what is right in your heart with great determination in finding solutions that will move you toward the resolution.

Change Can Be Hard
Mr. Incredibles new role as the stay-at-home Dad is in charge of all parenting duties while Elastigirl is playing her part as the new face of superheroes. At first, Mr. Incredible is thrown off balance, exhausted, and hesitant in fully understanding how to be that strong front stay-at-home parent but he is determined to make his family proud. Over time, he learns how to build a strong foundation to support his children with taking them to school, picking them up from school, doing homework with them, making sure they are fed, and reading them bedtime stories. As Mr. Incredible goes through accepting change in all of its stages, he begins to find a new appreciation for his wife and their children. Although, change can be hard because it brings vulnerability of the unknown where something once was stable but over time it can also bring an enjoyable outlook on new ways of conducting daily activities. Leaders who want to implement change in their organizations must be prepared to learn new ways to be a support system for team members who may need their guidance in fully understanding their new roles on their journey of change. At times, leaders can forget how hard change is because they already had the time to become comfortable with the concepts and must give their team the appropriate time to help them recognize the vital concepts needed for change.

It Does Take A Team
It does take a team of superheroes to interfuse their unique gifts against the new villainess Evelyn Deavor a.k.a Screenslaver to save innocent lives and to prevent any further destruction of their city. The supers’ plan was to work together as a team to shine a light on the problems they will face and to get everyone on the same page before jumping into action. The time was now to implement their course of action and to stick by their plan to save the city. Mr. Incredible and Frozone worked together in stopping the speed boat from crashing into the city to cease any more destruction. While the Incredibles children Violet, Dash, and Jack-Jack’s role was to save the other superheroes who were wearing hypnosis glasses placed on them from Screenslaver which they removed and eliminated any additional threats. The final course was for Elastigirl and Voyd to take down Screenslaver and by their efficient efforts they were successful. By working effectively as a team along with their new allies and their united front to get the job done, the supers ultimately triumphed over evil. Leaders understand the importance of developing their teams to be capable of becoming a strong support system for all members to achieve their own goals and the goals of the organization.