Feb 27, 2019

The PR/Marketing Partnership

PR and marketing feb23_2019

In many organizations public relations and marketing are separate functions in separate departments and never the twain shall meet. This scenario is a mistake because in general the two work better when they are coordinated, resulting in better successes for the company overall.. Public Relations is defined by the Public Relations Society of America as

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Feb 20, 2019

Preparing for Tradeshow Season

Conference 2.20.19

Many marketers have a love/hate relationship with industry tradeshows. On the one hand, there is much preparation required, perhaps long, often delayed flights, and long days on your feet. The good news is that when exhibiting, speaking or attending a tradeshow, marketing, sales and executive teams have the chance to check out competitors, industry trends,

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Feb 13, 2019

Celebrating Valentine’s Day at the Office

Valentines Day 2.13.19

Valentine’s Day may be the day for love, but as we all know there are many different types of love, some of which such as friendly love, are suitable for the office, and more erotic, romantic love, is not, It is a great time to show appreciation for employees, which may result in more engaged

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Feb 6, 2019

Are You Ready for Some Football?

Super Bowl 2.6.19

The Super Bowl is the largest television event of the year. It’s the ultimate in marketing, with over 100 million viewers and the average 30-second ad costing $5 million. It is also a community-enhanced conversation point, and a chance for a wider audience to connect with brands. Super Bowl Sunday has become a quasi-national holiday

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Jan 30, 2019

Influencer Marketing trends to watch out for in 2019 – Ellan Dineen

Influencers 1.30.19

Influencer marketing has become one of the most advantageous strategies for brands to employ. With influencer marketing, there’s an “influencer,” who uses various social media outlets (Instagram, Facebook, SnapChat, YouTube) to promote a brand’s products and services. This influencer is generally a trusted figure within a specific community with a loyal following of their own.

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Jan 16, 2019

Become More Organized to be More Productive this Year

Organize 1.16.19

A recent blog admonished readers not to make New Year’s resolutions; that does not mean that a new year is not a good time to make some positive changes in one’s life. One helpful task is to become more organized with the end result being an improvement in workplace productivity. According to Lisa Zaslow, a

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Jan 9, 2019

Don’t Make Any New Year’s Resolutions

New Year Resolutions 1.9.19

Happy New Year! For 2018, 70 percent of Americans did not heed the advice in this blog’s title and made resolutions. Moreover, according to a follow-up survey by YouGov Omnibus in June 2018, only six percent of people said they had stuck fully to their resolution. While personally loving the idea of a new year,

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Dec 19, 2018

Why Have a Company Holiday Party?

Holiday party 12.19.18

The office Christmas party—as it was once known—has a long and storied past. According to Jake Rossen in a Mental Floss article, the holiday party dates back to the Great Depression and was intended to lift the spirits of workers who did not have the funds for their own parties. Office parties were once raucous

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Dec 5, 2018

Are You Ready for the Holiday Party?

Holiday part 12.5.18

Some stats to start us off. In a 2017 study from Randstad USA, 90 percent of employees said they would prefer a bonus or extra vacation days as opposed to a holiday party. Moreover, 62 percent of respondents said they felt obligated to attend their employer’s holiday party. According to OfficeTeam, 36% of professionals feel

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Nov 28, 2018

The Right (and Wrong) Ways to Use Influencers for Your Brand

Agility PR webinar 11.28.18

It is no secret that NRPR Group’s fearless leader, Nicole Rodrigues, is an expert on social media marketing. On a recent Agility PR Solutions webinar, she shared the right way to use influencers—commonly known as those who have an impact or influence on the decisions of his or her social media followers for your brand—and

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