Sep 20, 2017

The History of Public Relations


Since it’s back to school time, we thought we’d go with a little history lesson today on the NRPR Blog — a history of public relations, that is! Now, before you click away thinking you already know everything there is to know… we promise we’ve got some really fun and cool findings to share! Not

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Sep 6, 2017

How the Client / Agency Relationship Should Look


This article previously appeared on Rescue A CEO Some companies buy into the myth that successful PR can happen by accident, by magic or inside a vacuum. I’m here to tell you just how untrue that myth is. As positioning agents, we want to make our clients’ stories the very best they can be. We

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Jun 1, 2016

Happy 2nd Birthday, NRPR! Time to Celebrate!


The month of June brings with it many reasons to celebrate: The first days of summer, the longest (and hopefully sunniest) day of the year, Father’s Day, National Doughnut Day, nearly three whole months without a Mercury retrograde and, for you sports fans out there, some great final games in the NBA & NHL championships.

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Jun 4, 2014

Introducing NRPR Group: A PR and Social Media Agency

It’s official! After months of hard work, very little sleep, and unwavering determination, I’m proud to introduce NRPR Group: a PR and social media agency built for the new digital age. A college dream turned reality, this agency is direct reflection of my mixed background as a publicist, social media strategist and marketing pro. Exactly

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