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Mar 29, 2017

Spring Into Good Habits!


Spring has officially sprung and we’re already enjoying the longer days, fresh breezes and all of the fun that comes with this new season. One of our favorite things about spring is that it’s a time for us to all do a little bit of “spring cleaning” ourselves from the start of the new year to realign, evaluate our goals, and set our sights on reaching them.

Today on the blog, Team NRPR is sharing what we all aim to accomplish in the coming months. Because when’s a better time to spring into some good habits then with this fresh start to, well… spring! Keep on reading to learn what goals we’re reaching for:

  • I’ve started and will continue to read more industry news so that I know what I am editing. However, my goal is to bridge the gap a bit more between PR and Press. I believe both are media. By editing and / or writing in a way that helps the needs of both, the end result will be more / better publicity and visibility for clients. -Diedre, In-House Editor
  • This spring, I want to focus on my own health and wellness more. It’s easy, especially in the fast-paced industry of PR, to get so busy that you forget to check in on yourself. If your mind and body aren’t in optimal condition you can’t do anything else at 100%. I want to be sure to take more time for exercise and mental focus, be it a morning mantra, journal or meditation! -Jennifer, Senior Account Executive
  • This spring, my goal is to get more organized with media on my phone and in my life (which is essentially just my phone now, really)! I’ve started implementing Flipboard and Apple News into my regular reading diet, and want to get to know those platforms better so I can maximize my knowledge of our client’s industries. I also want to find a way to better organize podcasts I listen to. I have several different podcast apps that I use and love, but think there should be an easier way to store episodes I’ve heard, so I can simply revisit and pull key insights or ideas for pitches. If anyone has any ideas, I’m all ears! -Alex, Account Executive
  • This spring, my goal is to get more involved in the community. Whether it’s attending town halls, city council meetings, or campaigning on behalf of city and state officials who share my beliefs, now it’s as important as ever to use my voice and take to the streets. After all, I share this beautiful city in this beautiful state with millions of others who don’t have the opportunity to use their voices like I can, and I am very humbled and grateful for that. -Chris, Social Media Manager & PR Associate
  • This spring, my goal is to sharpen my attention to details. As they say, the devil lies in the details. By ensuring that I double check everything, I’ll become a better professional. – Diego, Executive Assistant
  • This spring, I want to focus on my health and make sure I’m making time to care for myself. Really, I want to lose 20 pounds! -Mark, Account Director
  • This spring, my goal is to read more books. We spend a lot of time reading news, but I want to read more books authored by business and tech thought leaders. – Tiffany, Account Executive
  • This spring, my goal is to get into the habit of doing more industry reading for our clients. I love the feeling of coming up with a great, creative idea that our team can run with, and I know that doing more industry reading will help me expand my ideas and land great coverage. I always enjoy doing it when I have the time, so I plan to carve out more reading time in my day and over weekends to make it happen. -Cadie, Marketing Manager

Those are just a few of the good habits our team is aiming to adopt this spring. What about you? What are your goals for great new habits? Let us know in the comments below and stay up-to-date with the latest and greatest news from NRPR Group by signing up for our bi-monthly newsletter, HUSTLE WITH A CONSCIENCE!

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