Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing

When it comes to social media, consider NRPR Group your plug-in social savvy machine.

From Facebook to Twitter, Instagram to Snapchat, Pinterest, LinkedIn, YouTube and more, Team NRPR truly understands the unique qualities and key differentiators of each platform. We know how each one functions individually, and also how they should all be used together — strategically — to work for YOUR brand. From amplifying your company’s message to engaging with key media and growing your community, we will take your social presence to where it needs to be, teaching you the whys and hows along the way.

Our team thrives on organized systems, and this mindset is not lost on social media. To ensure flawless execution across our clients’ social media pages, we have tried and true systems in place that ensure anything and everything that’s posted, from the images to the copy (and even hashtags), are fully approved before ever going live. This way, you know what’s being posted when, and that it represents your brand 110%.

Whether you need Team NRPR to take a high-level look at your social media, build a custom system for your specific needs, or come in and be your entire social media team, we do it all. From personalities, individuals, and startups to enterprise level companies (and everything in between), we’re ready to take your social presence to the next level. We’re creative thinkers who take the time to understand the essence of your brand and learn your company’s voice. Skilled in image creation, creative copywriting, community engagement, and analytics / reporting, NRPR Group is here to help get your social media pages working for YOU.


  • Content Creation
  • Content Amplification (see Digital Marketing Capabilities)
  • Platform Development: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Snapchat, LinkedIn
  • Community Management
  • Campaign Building & Strategic Initiatives
  • Post Strategy and Calendar Development
  • Analytics

Social Media Marketing

About NRPR Group

NRPR Group is not your traditional PR agency. We’re a publicity firm that believes in the power of social media marketing and in the vast opportunities that creating innovative content can provide.

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