As a Public Relations professional, you are always on the go and constantly in need of tools to inform you and to help you make decisions.  However, in this current sharing economy of new apps launching every day, you can make life a little easier for yourself by utilizing apps that enhance your efficiency and organization. Below you’ll find some recommendations for brilliant apps that can make the life of a busy PR professional a tad less hectic:

Getting Around Town:
In the PR industry, it’s important to arrive to meetings and events early. This allows you time to ensure you have a place to put your car, to adjust your appearance and to transition into the mindset for your meeting. If it’s an event you’re attending, this extra time also allows you to make friends with the organizers and media attending. In metropolitan cities like Los Angeles, struggling to find parking is a feat that can and often does make you late to any event. Luxe, an on-demand valet parking app, and MyLücke, a private parking network where people rent out their extra spaces to people needing parking, are two great options if you’re driving yourself. If you don’t feel like driving, there’s always Uber or Lyft.

Keeping Up with Current Events & Daily News:
In order to make your pitches timely and relevant, it is extremely important to know what is going on in your clients’ industries. Apple News makes it easy to favorite categories of news, so you are always up-to-date with what is going on in each sector. For example, you wouldn’t see news focusing solely on venture capital in the local television news, but you can read about all of the latest happenings under the “venture capital” category on Apple News.

Also, since daily news shows and talk shows air during the day, a great way to watch/listen to these during the workday is by logging into your cable provider’s app and streaming the show from your smartphone. This can help you stay current with the shows’ trends and have a better chance of securing a segment for one of your clients. Also, channels like Bloomberg and CNBC can be streamed from their apps, with your cable account login information.

Games for When a Break is Needed:
We all need a mental break sometimes. There is no better time to tune out of work and play a mobile game than during these mental breaks. With the mobile gaming industry slated to be worth over $36 billion dollars, it’s no secret people are playing mobile games. Recently, my personal favorites include: Pokemon Go, Panda Pop and Squiggy Piggy by Sqeeqee Inc.

I hope this roundup helps you save time, money, stress and unnecessary searching in your busy professional lives. We’d love to hear your experience with any of the apps above and learn what some of your favorites are!

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