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Aug 6, 2015

NRPR Group Recap: PRSALA “At Breakfast With LA’s Top Newswires”

“At Breakfast With LA’s Top Newswires”

Last week, Amanda and Tiffany from our team went to the PRSA “At Breakfast With LA’s Top Newswires” event, hosted by the Southern California Gas Company and Sempra Energy Utility. We had the opportunity to meet with three of the top newswire reporters in SoCal – Lori Streifler, editor of City News Service; Anthony Marquez, L.A. bureau chief of the Associated Press; and Daniel Taub, real estate editor for Bloomberg News.

Lori, Anthony and Daniel participated in a panel and gave firsthand insight into best practices for pitching them, topics they’re interested in covering, the history of the publications they work for, and more. It was a great learning experience and we’re so lucky to have been able to attend.

Here are a few of the most interesting things we learned:

  • City News Service, the AP and Bloomberg News are 24/7 newswires meaning they are literally open 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year there is someone in an office somewhere writing about the news. (That’s crazy!)
  • City News Service is the largest regional wire service IN THE COUNTRY, but they don’t even have a public website – you have to be a subscriber to read their stories.
  • The AP is the oldest and largest wire service in the WORLD – even before the Internet, the AP was operating and covering the news all day, every day.
  • Bloomberg News’ core is financial news and everything they cover is hard, actionable news.
  • Lori, Anthony and Daniel get story ideas from everywhere – there’s always so much going on they never have to search for a story. The story usually comes to them.
  • All three reporters will follow breaking news on Twitter. Although they don’t usually look for a story on social media, if there’s a major incident/event happening they’ll look to social media for updates.
  • Lori, Anthony and Daniel all love a straightforward press release. So, note to PR people – get rid of the fluff and dive straight into the news. According to Daniel, press releases need to be good on their own.
  • AP Style is NOT dead – it’s GOOD journalism. Although writing styles may be changing slightly for the web and mobile, all three journalists still follow AP Style. All three said good, concise writing is undervalued and they prefer pitches, press releases, etc. that get to the point QUICKLY.

Thank you so much to Lori, Anthony and Daniel for sharing so many tips and tricks! We sincerely appreciate it and will use these tips moving forward. Happy we can share them with other media relations professionals as well.

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