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Sep 13, 2017

PR: Create. Grow. Publicize. Repeat!


Often times we’re asked what it is, exactly, that PR does. Why does one need PR? What does it actually do for a company? Can’t I just do it myself?

Well, you can… but good luck.

You see, we believe that business owners should focus on what they do best: leading their companies, training awesome employees, and constantly raising the bar within their industry. And if you’re spending time and effort on PR (and believe us, it takes A LOT of time and effort to do this right), chances are other areas of your business will suffer.

We understand it might not be in every company’s budget to bring on a massive PR firm that’s going to eat up every last big of budget you have, but we are advocates of the practice and truly believe it plays a massive part in a company’s success, especially in the early stages.

But enough on that, what we really want to dive into today is explaining more about the PR lifecycle and showing how each piece of the puzzle combines to create a powerful force behind your brand. Because telling you you need PR isn’t enough. We want to show you why!

We look at the PR cycle as: Create. Grow. Publicize. Repeat. This is the most important thing for companies to know. We cannot emphasize enough the importance of generating great content (whether that be earned proactive media or original thought leadership content from your executives), growing your brand, and consistently sharing that growth, your news, and innovative ideas with the media.

If you’re innovating something in your industry, launching something new (including your company, if you’re brand new), there should ALWAYS be an announcement around that. You’ve worked hard and others should know! New developments = news, and this is what media want to hear about. They want to see that there’s momentum with your company and that you’re growing, so don’t make them come to you to figure that out. Make it easy on them and give them your news. Even if they don’t cover it the first time around, know that thoughtful PR is about relationship building, and sometimes it takes time to earn that coverage.

Regardless of whether media cover your news or not, remember: you should be your company’s biggest cheerleader! Put your press releases and announcements on social media and on your company’s press page. Write a blog post about your news and post it to your personal LinkedIn. Amplify your news in any way that you can, because every announcement you make is another stake in the ground saying, “Hey, we’re here, and we’re not going anywhere.”

This is what thoughtful, strategic PR is all about. Showcasing the value you bring to your industry, customers, consumers, and potential partners. It’s not always easy, but when done correctly and consistently, over time you’ll begin to develop a great rapport with media and see the snowball effect of coverage begin.

But enough from us… we want to hear from you! What questions do YOU have about public relations? Still curious about how it works, or why you need it? Check out this video from our PRactical Guide to Publicity video series and leave us your questions in the comments below.

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