Working in public relations is no easy task. It requires you to be on top of your game at all times. It requires you to stay in-the-know about your clients and their industries. Sometimes, it even requires that you know a little bit of magic.

Having worked in PR and social media marketing for 16 years, NRPR Group’s founder and CEO, Nicole Rodrigues, is no stranger to the infinite number of things it takes to be an amazing publicist and positioning pro. Thankfully for Team NRPR, Nicole continues to share her incredible wealth of knowledge with us all. As a result, our PR game continues to grow stronger as she coaches us each and every day.

There are a million things that could go on our list of how to keep on top of your PR game, but we’ve narrowed it down to our three favorites tips she’s shared with us. You’re welcome!

1. Live in your client’s world.
A great PR pro, or positioning agent, as we call ourselves, is always in-the-know. From our clients to our client’s competitors and the industries they’re in, a publicist who is on their A-game will always have a solid grasp as to what’s going on in the world their client lives in. This is the pro who reads their newspaper, scours the internet for the latest stories and trends, and takes the time to educate themselves beyond what they need to know to just get by. By immersing yourself, you’ll start to act, think, and see things just like your client would, which helps with creating new angles to pitch and new media targets to focus on. We all know this isn’t a 9 to 5 industry, so dig deep, dive in, and live in your client’s world.

2. Research your media targets.
You’ve made a commitment to your client to work day in and day out to secure them media coverage by the best, most relevant outlets you can. This doesn’t mean blasting out thousands of pitches and hoping one sticks. We call that spray and pray, and it is something that will NEVER happen at NRPR Group. EVER! We believe in quality over quantity, which is why each pitch that leaves our email is perfectly tailored to the member of the media receiving it. Before pitching a story idea, Team NRPR reads past articles that journalist or blogger recently wrote to ensure we’re pitching an angle that truly works for them and their readers. Bonus: reading potential media target’s past work and researching different outlets serves as a major help to our first tip, living in your client’s world. Not only are you more in-the-know, but you will start to have an increased level of confidence when drafting and sending your pitches. When you think like your client and believe in your story, nothing will bring you off your A-game.

3. Learn from your mistakes.
It’s going to happen. You will make mistakes. Everyone does, and that’s okay. The number one, without a doubt most important thing about making a mistake, however, is to always, and we repeat, ALWAYS learn from it. You will have good days, great days, and the best days of your life working in PR, and you will have bad day, slow days, and seeming the worst day you could imagine. It’s a roller coaster world, and it’s key that you never let a mistake derail you. When mistakes happens, you should take responsibility and waste no time correcting it. When time is of the essence, it’s important to buckle down, focus, and show your team and/or client that you will make things right as quickly as you can. Don’t beat yourself up, because a publicist on their A-game can’t dwell on the past. Instead, take the time to walk through your mistake, figure out how it happened, and take note on what you will do differently in the future so it doesn’t happen again.

It’s a crazy, hectic, non-stop world when you work in public relations, but we love it. It’s why we do what we do. When you’re on your A-game, the feeling of accomplishment and sense of pride is what keeps us coming back for more. We hope our tips help you stay on top of your PR game. Now that we’re all fired up, let’s go out and show the PR world what we’re made of!

Do you have any tips for staying at the top of your game? We’d love to hear more! Leave us a comment below and share how you stay at the front of your PR pack.

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