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Mar 30, 2016

NRPR Group Announces New Client Wins in 2016


It’s been a wonderful year so far! The entire team here at NRPR Group has been working hard for our clients, and we are very excited to announce the newest additions to our roster in 2016!

Led by the fierce and fearless Nicole Rodrigues, NRPR Group’s founder and CEO, Team NRPR continues to see the same great growth it experienced throughout 2015. Each one of our new clients have been hand selected not only because we believe in their brand, but because we enjoy working with their leaders to create a vision together!

The newest companies to sign with NRPR Group are:

  • DY Nutrition: Leading fitness and nutrition company founded by six-time Mr. Olympia Dorian Yates, offering everything from workout and nutritional supplements to training guides and certification programs (social media client only).
  • Jewel Toned: The newest wave of women’s shape wear, comfortably designed to be worn either beneath your clothing or as a stand-alone piece.
  • Findly: Cloud-based talent acquisition software helping businesses hire the right candidates faster and at lower costs.
  • Roofstock: First online marketplace created exclusively for investing in leased single-family rental homes (social media client only).
  • i won! nutrition: All natural, organic, gluten-free, and non-GMO protein chips with 20 grams of protein per snack-sized bag.
  • Virtual matchmaker for venture capitalists and entrepreneurs, bridging the gap between investors and those seeking funding.

Team NRPR is all about starting off on the right foot, and we couldn’t be happier that we’ve already secured coverage for our newest clients in outlets such as Press Pass LA, TechCrunch, Huffington Post, Orange County Business Journal, Los Angeles Business Journal, and more!

For social media clients Dorian Yates Nutrition and Roofstock, we are hard at work growing their online channels, creating content, and engaging their communities.

Nicole started NRPR Group to bring a new attitude and approach to the way public relations and digital marketing are done. With each of our new clients also being change-makers in their industries, it makes this journey all the more exciting getting to work with clients as great as ours.

Getting to represent such amazing brands and the great executives behind them is as honor, and this year truly could not be off to a better start than with this fun, diverse, and promising group of companies. We’re looking forward to what we as PR and social marketing professionals can do for them!

You can read the full press release here.

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