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Feb 22, 2017



Another month, another installment of our “Meet the NRPR #DREAMTEAM” series on the blog! Today, we’re introducing you to Brooke Sullivan, NRPR Group’s incredibly talented Creative Director! We’re very lucky to have Brooke on our team and we can’t wait for you to get to know her better.

Name: Brooke Sullivan

Position: Creative Coordinator

Date Drafted: August 2015

College: UC Berkeley

Hometown: Santa Clarita

How do you take your coffee?
Caffeinated with Almond Milk and Stevia all the way.

What song fires you up?
Come Sail Away by the Styx!

What are three words you’d use to describe yourself?
Caring, Explorer, Creator

What’s your favorite part about working at NRPR Group?
I love seeing the hard work and dedication from such a solid team of hustlers. Everyone has each other’s back and the communication is on point. It’s great to see how those factors immediately translate to steady growth of the company’s clients and teammates.

Tell us one of your proudest moments on the job:
It’s 2 AM. I’m up working on a project. Nicole is up building a business and hustling. A last minute project request comes in and we’re able to connect and crank out magic together. Teamwork at its finest!

When you’re not getting super creative with NRPR Group, what can we find you doing?
You can find me diving into the minds of young creatives and entrepreneurs around the beautiful city of Los Angeles. You can also find me traveling and experiencing new cultures, trying to tie them all together.

What’s one piece of advice you’d give to someone hoping to start a career in creative design?
Truly understand the message and intention of your client’s brand and company. Once you get down to the basics, the creativity flows naturally. Also: work, experience, study, and enjoy yourself!

Isn’t Brooke awesome? We’re very lucky to have her on our team. Have any questions for Brooke? Leave us a comment below and stay up-to-date with the latest and greatest news from NRPR Group by signing up for our bi-monthly newsletter, HUSTLE WITH A CONSCIENCE!

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