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May 3, 2017



May is National Pet Month, a time to support pet adoption, celebrate the many benefits that humans and pets can give to one another, and raise awareness about the services companion animals can provide. In honor of this, we’re celebrating today on the blog by sharing all of the awesome ways our fur friends help us through our days, as well as what we love about our pup-friendly office!

There are many pros to having an office pet. If you’re fortunate enough to be at a work space that can accommodate four legged friends, you know what we’re talking about. Having a furry companion by your side can cheer you up if you’re having a rough day, and they can also bring a team closer together, as it gives colleagues something aside from tasks and to-dos to connect over.

We’re lucky to get to spend most of our days with NRPR’s O.G. pup, Nala Rodrigues. She’s our official mascot and head of office security, and is always around to lend a sweet snuggle when you need a little mental break (and by lend a sweet snuggle we really mean lay on her back with her paws in the air, which is her way of saying, “Yes, you may pet me now”). So in celebration of National Pet Month (and Miss Nala), here are a few of the many reasons we love our office pets:

1. They help reduce stress. This might be the biggest overall benefit of having office pets. According to a study by the International Journal of Workplace Health Management, on-the-job stress levels fell among a group of employees who had their dogs by their side. If you’re having a long day, are stressed out about a deadline, or feel like you’ll never reach the end of your to-do list, having a furry friend by your side can help you feel more at ease without you even realizing it. Sometimes it’s nice to just take a breather and plop down on the floor for a nice long belly rub (for the dog, of course). It’s soothing, in a way, and personally when I look at a dog whose only worry in the world is when they’re going to get another treat or stroll the block for a walk, it helps put things in perspective. It allows you to reset and refocus, which in the end leads to more productivity and less stress.

2. They remind us to take a break. It’s easy to sit down at your desk and look up eight hours later and not realizing where your entire day has gone. And while some people try to reason against taking breaks because, well… that’s technically less time spent in front of your computer, fact of the matter is that you need breaks throughout your day to remain focused, productive and working at 100%. What better way to remind yourself to take a midday break than a block walk with Fido? We mean, the dog has got to go at some point, yes? So even if it’s just a quick walk around the block or up and down the street, you’d be amazed at what some sunlight and fresh air can do for your productivity.

3. They can help increase productivity and promote teamwork. Going along with the two points above, we believe an office pet actually helps us remain productive. While some people think it might be a distraction, taking a quick break for a walk or head scratch session allows your mind to take a breather, which can really help get you over your writer’s block or give you the extra boost of energy to finish that presentation. In addition to that, office pets are actually a great way to promote teamwork. A furry friend gives co-workers something to bond over, and that increased camaraderie will transfer over into team projects.

Of course there are some very important precautions to take with a pet-friendly workplace, including making sure all pets are up to date with vaccinations, that they’re well-trained, and that all employees are aware of protocol and procedures for each pet. When you put in some planning and forethought, introducing pets to your office can be a very easy process that comes with a ton of great benefits.

What about you? Do you work in a pet-friendly office? If so, what is your favorite part about it, and what steps does your team take to ensure it’s an all around positive experience? Let us know in the comments below and stay up-to-date with the latest and greatest news from NRPR Group by signing up for our bi-monthly newsletter, HUSTLE WITH A CONSCIENCE!

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