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Mar 1, 2017



It’s hard to believe it’s been one year since Team NRPR launched its video series, PRactical Guide to Publicity. Hosted by none other than our fearless founder and CEO, Nicole Rodrigues, the series was created to help teach C-Level executives, particularly CEOs and CMOs, the true benefits of strategic PR.

Since these executives are often the ones hiring PR teams for their companies, Team NRPR knew it was important to create a resource for those without a background in our profession to understand the industry and how it’s evolving. As Nicole explained:

“Most videos in this space are for people in PR who are looking for more education or who want to sharpen their skills. We made ours because we wanted to educate those who don’t necessarily have that background in PR, but who are making PR-related decisions for their company, and are curious about our industry, what we do, and how we do it.”

Since it’s launch, PRactical Guide to Publicity has been awarded a Gold Hermes Creative Award and a Silver Stevie Award for Women in Business for Video of the Year. The series has appeared on top PR industry sites, including NutsPR, Spin Sucks and Bulldog Reporter, and has been viewed nearly 1,400 times.

From top-level views on the evolution of PR to specific ways executives can work to earn coverage and create meaningful relationships with media, PRactical Guide to Publicity covers a wide range of topics and continues to spread a wealth of knowledge to eager entrepreneurs and PR decision makers alike.

“It’s a really great feeling knowing these videos are helping shed more light on what we do,” said Nicole. “When you have a CEO or a CMO who’s making the calls on PR and they don’t understand our world, it makes it very difficult for us to do our best work. However, when you take the time to explain how smart PR works, these executives have a better understanding of what we need from them — and why — and it makes us more efficient and gets them really excited about the possibilities we can help them unlock.”

The 11-part series was produced by The Readmond Co. and can be found on NRPR Group’s YouTube page.

Our team is incredibly proud of the work this series has been able to accomplish, and we’re grateful to be able to share it with you. So, what are you waiting for? Give it a watch if you haven’t already and let us know what you think (each video is just one to two minutes long — short, sweet and to the point).

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