If you’re looking for a way to help establish yourself as a great professional in your industry, we cannot stress enough the importance of thought leadership. Whether you’re writing for a personal blog, a company blog, or even a third party outlet, contributing thought leadership pieces is one of the most important things you can do to show that you not only go above and beyond to contribute back to your industry’s community, but also that you are a knowledgeable, intelligent professional who cares about contributing to larger conversations, news and trends and not just getting media coverage from somebody else.

This is why thought leadership is one of the main pillars behind what we do at NRPR Group. Whether it’s helping the awesome executives from each of our clients write and place contributed content, or doing it for ourselves, we know just how much weight this extra work holds in helping us and our clients stand out from the pack and rise above competitors. Keep on reading to get our top three reasons you should be focusing on thought leadership, too!

1. It Shows You Care About Elevating Your Industry. Writing thought leadership pieces is one of the best ways you can show you care about going above and beyond for your industry. It’s one thing to be a great company that offers much needed services for your clients or customers. That’s great! Once you’ve hit this mark and are in the swing of things, why not take that experience and start sharing it with other aspiring pros in your space. It just makes sense! You’ve worked hard to make it to where you and your company currently are. Why keep all of that brain power cooped up in your head? Share it! Everyone has a professional journey, from college internships to landing your first full time job and working your way up the corporate ladder. You worked hard, made mistakes, learned from them, and are better because of it all. And there is someone embarking on, or in the middle of, that exact same journey. Sharing thought leadership pieces is a way to contribute back to your industry and help other professionals do better work.

Take NRPR Group founder and CEO, Nicole Rodrigues, for example. Not only does she do amazing work for her clients AND coach a team full of aspiring PR pros, but she makes it a priority to create and contribute meaningful thought leadership pieces on a monthly basis. Whether it’s sharing her tips for fellow PR pros, helping clients understand how they can get the most from their PR efforts, or showing professionals everywhere how they can better market themselves, Nicole has a career full of experience and wants to share that with anyone and everyone who could benefit from it.

2. It Builds Affinity for Your Brand. In addition to contributing back to your industry, spreading best practices, and sharing your tips and advice for fellow pros, contributing thought leadership pieces is also a way to build affinity for your brand. Traditional press coverage is what would come with a company announcement or other news. Why stop there? Your brand is not going to be putting out announcements every two weeks, but that doesn’t mean you need to step out of the spotlight. When you, as a leader or an executive, write a thought leadership pieces about a piece of news or a trend within your industry, even though it’s not blaring coverage directly about something your company did, it shows so much more than that. It shows that you keep up with what’s going on in your space, and that you have an opinion on it. You’re not all about you, you’re about starting the conversation and contributing actual commentary. And believe it, even though these types of pieces aren’t directly about how great your company is or what it’s doing, it carries just as much weight (if not more). Getting media coverage around an announcement is a given. Getting thoughtful, meaningful contributed articles placed in top outlets shows that you’re willing to work for great coverage, and will position you and your brand as a leader in your industry.

Need proof? Take Patch of Land, for example, a client NRPR Group had the pleasure of working with for a little more than a year. Patch of Land started off as virtually unknown in a highly saturated market, where its competitors got a head start on the PR front. Realizing that other players in Patch of Land’s space already had the ears of the press that mattered, NRPR knew it had to take a different approach to tell our client’s story, set the platform apart from competitors, and genuinely hit the press in a memorable way. NRPR discovered an incredible amount of strength in Patch of Land’s executive team, and made this the basis for strategically positioning the company as the cardinal thought leader in its industry. We secured more than 120 thought leadership pieces for Patch of Land’s executive bench, which helped the small startup transform into a massive player in the marketing, banking, finance, technology, and real estate industries all through this executive visibility.

3. It Builds You Up as a Professional. Last but not least, writing thought leadership builds up your resume and helps establish your place as an intelligent, leading professional in your space. We cannot stress enough how important it is to set yourself apart from your competition. Do great work for your company, and do great work for yourself, too. Taking the time to write thought leadership pieces not only helps you expand your industry knowledge, but it shows you take time to invest in yourself as well.

Our list could go on, as there are endless reasons that writing thought leadership is a key way to take the next step in your professional career. Do you write thought leaderships pieces for your industry? Why do you think it’s important? We’d love to hear your thoughts! Let us know in the comments below and stay up-to-date with the latest and greatest news from NRPR Group by signing up for our bi-monthly newsletter, HUSTLE WITH A CONSCIENCE!