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Sep 14, 2016

Fall Into Some Great Habits This Season


It’s hard to believe that Fall is already upon us. While we look forward to football, the beautiful changing colors of the foliage and, of course, pumpkin spice lattes — we also have our sights set on closing 2016 in the best way possible. With the new year will come new resolutions, a clean slate and a fresh start, but we’re not ones to wait to make big things happen. That’s why this fall, we’re sharing our list of great habits to fall into (see what we did there?) to make sure we’re always accomplishing our goals and being our best selves.

1. Get Organized. This is a very common resolution to be made in the new year. With time off over the holidays and a clear break from one year to the next, it’s easy to plan on getting organized, whether that be in your personal or professional life. However, we like to make sure we gut check our organizational efforts at least once a quarter, making the end-of-year task much less daunting. Instead of waiting for some obvious opportunity (that may never come the way you expect) to present itself, be intentional. Carve out a few hours each week to knock out some big tasks. At work, a great place to start is sorting through your emails and filing your inbox down to zero unread / unattended messages. Pick one task to tackle at home, too, such as deep cleaning your car or getting that giant stack of mail, bills and other paperwork sorted through. You’ll be surprised how refreshing a little bit of proactive organization can feel.

2. Practice Safety. The summer months bring longer days, and we naturally adjust our internal clocks and peripheral experiences to that sun schedule. It can almost come as a shock when you leave the office at 6 pm in September, only to have your senses jarred by sudden darkness replacing the vivid early evening sunshine you’d grown accustomed to. As the days grow shorter, be very aware of your surroundings in all situations. It’s easy to get caught up looking at your phone, checking emails or sending a Snapchat as you head to your car or cross the street. Stop that! Look up. Be alert, be careful and be prepared. Paying attention to what’s around you is a safety precaution we cannot stress enough.

3. Check In & Follow Up. Get ahead of the game by following up with contacts each quarter. While most people put off catching up until the winter holidays, doing so every few months will help you compile and keep a current list of people to maintain communication with. You won’t be lumped into the masses who waited to check in on the first week of January, and this will give you a chance to preemptively plan for ways to work together in 2017.

4. Stay Active. We know it’s easy to fall into hibernation as the weather gets colder, the days get shorter and the roast beasts get served, but this fall, we encourage you to do just the opposite! Again, fitness is something you’ll see on everyone’s list of New Year’s resolutions. Why wait? Get to it now! You’ll save yourself the headache of the first-of-the-year gym stampede, establish a healthy routine to ward off the holiday weight and feel better indulging in all of the fritters and family meals come Thanksgiving. Taking an evening yoga or dance class can even be a fun opportunity for you and your coworkers to do something together and de-stress outside of the office.

5. Plan for the Holidays. We know it’s only September, but the holidays will creep up on you before you know it. Take some time now to schedule out your next few months. Whether that’s planning projects, travel, budgets, gift lists or even just time to see your friends, the holidays can get very busy very quickly, so making the effort now to schedule out what’s important to you will help reduce stress and make the season seamless (and much more enjoyable).

Are there any other great habits we didn’t list here that you hope to implement before 2016 comes to a close? Let us know in the comments section below! Stay up-to-date with the latest and greatest news from NRPR Group by signing up for our bi-monthly newsletter, HUSTLE WITH A CONSCIENCE!

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