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Apr 1, 2015

BIG Day for NRPR Client: ZuGo Pet

ZuGo Pet NRPR Kickstarter Image

For those of you who don’t know me, my name’s Nala. I’m the official mascot at NRPR Group!

As my team knows, one of my least favorite things to do is ride in the car. I get sick often and one time I flew out of the very expensive safety harness Nicole, my human, bought for me. Very scary experience!

Unfortunately, I’m a medium-sized dog, about 30 lbs, and there just isn’t anything on the market that makes me feel safe and secure in the car. Safety is very important to us so Nicole always makes sure to wear her seat belt and she ensures mine is always on.  Sadly, the “not-always-reliable” seat belt Nicole bought for me is the only thing that secures me in the car, so she makes sure to drive extra carefully because it can only do so much.

Thankfully for smaller pets, like my friend Russel the Chihuahua, his human, Juls Bindi, designed a great new product called the ZuGo Pet multifunctional pet carrier. He said he loves it and it helps keep him safe when he drives with her.

How it works is the car seat straps to both of the front seat’s headrests, suspending the carrier between the seats, allowing for a perfect view of all the driving action and it puts Russel within arms length whenever he needs some attention. It’s even “accident proof” incase he gets a little excited in the car. Oh, and it’s great for cats too!!!

Today, Juls is hoping for a successful kick off of her Kickstarter campaign to put this product on the market. She believes that just because today April Fools day does not mean you need to be a fool about pet safety. I agree! I want to make sure all of my little pet friends and their owners know about ZuGo Pet and their mission to keep all of my little furry pals safe. Hopefully this will spark the creation of a version that works for bigger dogs like me.

Please note: I wouldn’t be typing this letter on a computer without the use of opposable thumbs if I didn’t think it was import. Please support ZuGo Pet by contributing the the Kickstarter campaign here:

Hope the rest of your week is paw-fect.

Nala the dog

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