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HEADSHOT_Cole_closeNicole Rodrigues is the CEO and founder of NRPR Group. She’s a seasoned publicist and social media marketing pro with 17 years of experience under her belt. She’s developed and executed strategic campaigns for some of the biggest names in business such as Yahoo!, Dolby, Sony Pictures Entertainment, Sony PlayStation, Hulu, M-GO, Toon Hero, Demand Media, MobiTV, and the Oakland Raiders.

Nicole is the host of PRfect Pitch, a PR-focused radio show that’s geared towards helping PR, marketing and media professionals step up their game by incorporating best practices and developing better relationships. Nicole is a contributor to Forbes and The HYPE Magazine, and her tips and insights have been published on popular websites and blogs such as PR Daily, PR News, Adweek’s PR Newser,, Rescue A CEO, The PR Closet, NutsPR, The Neon Notebook, and more. She’s also been a guest on Jus My Style Radio, Gridiron Beauties, Women Entrepreneurs Radio, Today in Marketing, and Business Rockstars Radio as an expert in publicity and social media marketing.

Nicole is a member of the Forbes Agency Council, an invitation-only community for executives in successful public relations, media strategy, creative and advertising agencies. She is one of eight hand-selected board members for The Organization of American Women in Public Relations (Women in PR USA), and is also a board member for Fremont College.

Nicole takes great pride in being a former NFL cheerleader, spending many years cheering for the famed Oakland Raiders. She continues to cheer on her “new team” at NRPR and is a graduate from San Jose State University with a Bachelor of Science degree in Public Relations.

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NRPR Group is not your traditional PR agency. We’re a publicity firm that believes in the power of social media marketing and in the vast opportunities that creating innovative content can provide.

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