Jessica Ferguson

04_NRPRJessica is the in-house editor for NRPR Group, a position that was created to help elevate the style and skill set of Team NRPR and the content they release. Jessica is an experienced editor and creative writer, whose professional emphasis has become female entrepreneurship and individual empowerment. An active member and participant in many LA editorial and entrepreneurial circles, Jessica has previously contributed articles to several of the like-minded contacts in the NRPR world. She has also done work with other local PR, technology and television agencies.

Jessica’s proudest creative moment was recently being published internationally in the sixth issue of her favorite print magazine, Bella Grace (December 2015). One of her personal passions is elevating the value and self-image women hold for themselves.

An alumna of the University of California, Santa Barbara with a bachelor’s degree in English Literature, Jessica is also a student of art, educated in America, Italy, Spain and France. In her spare time, she is currently developing her second art collection. Jessica has always had a passion for prose and a tendency to tuck herself away into the stories of the authors whom she has considered companions.

About NRPR Group

NRPR Group is not your traditional PR agency. We’re a publicity firm that believes in the power of social media marketing and in the vast opportunities that creating innovative content can provide.

Fire Up

  • If you're not first you're last.

    Will Ferrel (Talladega Nights)
  • There's no crying in baseball.

    Tom Hanks (A League of Their Own)
  • Do or do not. There is no try.

    Yoda (Star Wars)
  • Don't ever let anybody tell you that you can't do something.

    Will Smith (The Pursuit of Happiness)
  • Always be closing.

    Alec Baldwin (Glengarry Glen Ross)
  • All I wanna do is go the distance.

    Sylvester Stallone (Rocky)