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NRPR Group is a strategic positioning agency located in Beverly Hills, CA, specializing in public relations, social media and digital media marketing. Our services help businesses, celebrities, entertainment companies and consumer products get the attention they deserve.

NRPR Group is NOT a typical public relations agency. We’re a group of hybrid publicists, content creators, strategic marketers and creative minds. We understand the value of combining content PR with strategic social activity, and our clients are reaping the benefits. We’re passionate about bridging the gaps between multiple elements of the entertainment industry, including talent, television, film and music, with clients in the technology and lifestyle industries.

The team at NRPR Group believes that at every stage in a company’s life cycle, everyone has many stories to tell. Whether you’re launching a new brand, revitalizing a mature brand, looking to generate strategic press mentions that will keep you top-of-mind for your target market(s), or trying to create a brand through social media, NRPR Group delivers extraordinary results through passionate execution of big ideas, close client partnerships and exceptional service.

NRPR Group was named New Agency of the Year in Bulldog Reporter’s 2015 Stars of PR competition, and Small Agency of the Year in Bulldog Reporter’s 2016 Stars of PR competition.


About NRPR Group

NRPR Group is not your traditional PR agency. We’re a publicity firm that believes in the power of social media marketing and in the vast opportunities that creating innovative content can provide.

Fire Up

  • If you're not first you're last.

    Will Ferrel (Talladega Nights)
  • There's no crying in baseball.

    Tom Hanks (A League of Their Own)
  • Do or do not. There is no try.

    Yoda (Star Wars)
  • Don't ever let anybody tell you that you can't do something.

    Will Smith (The Pursuit of Happiness)
  • Always be closing.

    Alec Baldwin (Glengarry Glen Ross)
  • All I wanna do is go the distance.

    Sylvester Stallone (Rocky)