Dec 26, 2019

Don’t Make Any New Year Resolutions

New Year Resolutions 1.9.19

In 2018, 70 percent of Americans did not heed the advice in this blog’s title and made resolutions. Moreover, according to a follow-up survey by YouGov Omnibus in June 2018, only six percent of people said they had stuck fully to their resolution.  While personally loving the idea of a new year, new beginning and

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Dec 19, 2019

Why Have a Company Holiday Party?

Holiday party 12.19.18

The office Christmas party—as it was once known—has a long and storied past. According to Jake Rossen in a Mental Floss article, the holiday party dates back to the Great Depression and was intended to lift the spirits of workers who did not have the funds for their own parties.  Office parties were once raucous

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Dec 11, 2019

Organize Your Office for 2020

Organization 12.11.2019

On the list of office-related New Year’s resolutions, “get organized” is a popular item. While as discussed previously, I am against making resolutions and favor making goals since most people fail at resolutions, the end of the year is a terrific time to clear out the clutter and get organized. The Benefits of Organization Research

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Dec 5, 2019

Gift Giving in the Office

Gift giving 12.5.19

The holidays can be a confusing time at companies as workers ponder the question of “to gift or not to gift?” and then if they decide to give gifts to coworkers, there are questions over how much to spend and what to buy. In this blog, we offer some tips for gift giving at the

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