Oct 16, 2019

Happy Boss’s Day to a “Boss” Boss

Boss's Day 10.17.18

October 16th is National Boss’s Day, a chance to celebrate the people who direct, supervise, manage, guide, and mentor us at our places of business. “Boss” is also a slang term to describe something cool or excellent, so a great boss can be referred to as a boss boss. Celebrated on October 16, or the

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Oct 9, 2019

Life lessons from Football

Football 10.10.18

Autumn is in the air, and in the northeast, this is evident by cooler days, deciduous trees with red and orange leaves, pumpkin spice everything and football. Whether you are a fan of the gridiron, fantasy football or Lucy pulling the football away from Charlie Brown as part of what binds them together; football offers

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Oct 2, 2019

3Q2019 Announcement: NRPR Group Celebrates Five Successful Years With More Awards and New Clients

4Q earnings 1.3.19

We’re excited to announce five years and new quarter highlights, which include being named the official PR team for Los Angeles Comic Con, award wins, milestones and for re-signing two returning clients for their newest projects. In addition, due to its success with clients, it has been a red-letter year for the agency itself. Founder

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