Dec 19, 2018

Why Have a Company Holiday Party?

Holiday party 12.19.18

The office Christmas party—as it was once known—has a long and storied past. According to Jake Rossen in a Mental Floss article, the holiday party dates back to the Great Depression and was intended to lift the spirits of workers who did not have the funds for their own parties. Office parties were once raucous

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Dec 12, 2018

NutsPR Spotlight: Nicole Rodrigues

Nicole Rodrigues

In case you missed it, Nicole Rodrigues was interviewed by NutsPR back in August 2016. Great to take a look back. Welcome to NutsPR Spotlight August edition. This month’s guest is someone I admire for her drive, work ethic and dedication to the PR industry. I love that she teaches her team everything that she

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Dec 5, 2018

Are You Ready for the Holiday Party?

Holiday part 12.5.18

Some stats to start us off. In a 2017 study from Randstad USA, 90 percent of employees said they would prefer a bonus or extra vacation days as opposed to a holiday party. Moreover, 62 percent of respondents said they felt obligated to attend their employer’s holiday party. According to OfficeTeam, 36% of professionals feel

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